Mungo Park Did Not Discover River Niger

Mungo Park Did Not Discover River Niger


It is total rubbish to attribute the discovery of River Niger to Mungo Park.


This just confirmed many people are just not smart. Mungo Park cannot discover what already exists to the people using it. He can only discover it for the Western world, teaching pupils that he discovered the River Niger just does not make sense. Rather it should read he was the first white man to sail the River Niger but cannot be the first person to discover it.


It is total rubbish to say Mungo Park discovered RiverNiger. We all know that people where fishing in the River beforeMungo Park’s grandfather was born.


You need to use your common sense, you can only say Mongo Park is the first person from western Europe to voyage to River niger. To claim you discover a place were people already live in is the peak of intellectual dishonesty one can think of.

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