MUSIC: Queen Kel x Davido – Thankful

Queen Kel is full of gratitude on her new single, featuring Africa’s top tier talent, Davido.”Thankful” is an acknowledgement and total submission to the sovereign power of God as Queen Kel takes stock of the blessings that have shrouded her life in recent years. This new release follows up “Mountains”, an equally solemn worship piece that highlights the dependability of the Divine.

Despite being a detour from his main Afropop terrain, Davido gets into character to deliver a piercing first verse and hook, enriched with praise poetry in his mother tongue. Queen Kel picks up from where he stops, reverencing the ever-present hand of God in her life. Both singers encounter in a brief duet before Queen Kel bring the song to a glorious end with spirit-filled tongues. Produced by the talented NapJ, “Thankful” is the perfect day-opener for every Christian believer. The soft chords emit refreshing energy and the general theme encourages approaching God with an attitude of Gratitude.

Queen Kel is a Janet of all trades who has proven the ability to master all. In addition to her various capacities as a Nurse, preacher, entrepreneur, model, philanthropist and preacher, she is deeply passionate about her music ministry. Her choice to collaborate with Davido works in line with her mission to demystify the perception of Christianity as uncool, and to help gospel music find its lasting place in pop culture.

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