Nnamdi Kanu right violated by nigerian govt.

A State High Court in Umuahia, southeastern Nigeria, ruled that the Nigerian government violated the fundamental human rights of detainees. IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, when the military invaded his home in State of Abia in September 2017.

The court ruled on Wednesday in a fundamental human rights lawsuit brought by Kanu through his lawyer, Aloy Ejimakor.

The court said that the invasion was a violation of Mr. Kanu’s right to life, the dignity of his human person, his personal liberty and his privacy.

The court, which rejected the government’s objection to the lawsuit, said the government should pay N1billion in damages to the IPOB leader and publicly apologize to him.

However, the court refused to annul Kanu’s ongoing trial for alleged terrorism, saying it lacked jurisdiction over the matter.

However, Ejimakor said the ruling would have an impact on Kanu’s criminal trial.

“If his fundamental rights were violated, then it means that legally it cannot be said that he skipped bail because the idea of ​​skipping bail and surrendering is related to what happened (the military invasion) in 2017.

“So if what led to him not being able to stand trial in 2017 was rape by the Nigerian government, then legally speaking you can’t say he jumped bail,” Ejimakor said.

“People are celebrating, my client is celebrating. I am happy with the ruling,” he added.

The lawyer said the court “recommended above all a political solution to the Biafran turmoil.”

In addition to the Nigerian Federal Government, the defendants in the lawsuit included the Federal Attorney General, the Army Chief of Staff, the Brigade Commander, the 14th Ohafia Brigade, and the Inspector General of Police.

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Others were the Abia State Police Commissioner, the Director General of the SSS and the Director of the Abia State SSS.

IPOB, which is leading the agitation for an independent republic, Biafra, which they want to carve out in southeast Nigeria and parts of the south-south, has been accused of being responsible for the deadly attacks in the southeast and south. -South.

Mr. Kanu was previously arrested and released on bail. He had jumped bail in 2017.

He was “intercepted” in Kenya in June last year by Nigerian security agents and taken back to Abuja.

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