Us based Nigerian,Adebara, jailed four years for romance scam and money laundering

US-based Nigerian, Adebara, jailed four years for romance scam, money laundering

A 36-year-old Nigerian, Afeez Adebara, has been jailed for romance scams and money laundering in the United States.

The Nigerian, who leads a group of money launderers in an online romance scam, was sentenced on Friday to four years in jail by a court in the Northern District of Oklahoma.

Court papers showed that Adebara and other scammers had defrauded multiple victims.

They were said to have engaged in scams worth over $2.5m.

Elderly individuals, especially females, across the United States, were said to be major victims.

Apart from being jailed four years, the court also ordered Adebara, who resides in Norman and Oklahoma, to pay $500,740 in restitution to his victims.

In court documents obtained by The naijaloaded Acting U.S. Attorney, Clint Johnson, said, “Afeez Adebara led a group of money launderers who bilked unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned retirement and savings accounts as part of a Nigerian romance scam.

“This con artist and his cohorts have been brought to justice, thanks to the work of the FBI and federal prosecutors Babasijibomi Moore and Chris Nassar.”

Adebara, whose aliases included “Sam Ade” and “Alan Altman,” was indicted on October 10, 2019, alongsid3 six other named suspects and three unnamed people.

The indictment alleged that Adebara and the nine others conspired to commit money laundering in 2017 as part of a scheme that involved the use of online dating sites and social media platforms to fleece unsuspecting elderly womenn

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